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How to fix “Installation failed could not create directory” Error

One of the reason why everyone likes to use WordPress to build their site is because it’s a great CMS and everyone with a little tech knowledge can manage and maintain the site.

Theres’s a very good reson why WordPress now powers more than 25% of the websites worldwide.

However, if you have ever managed a WordPress site and are slightly on the non-tech side of the curve, you know that it can be a little intimidating to manage. WordPress does throw up a lot of errors and if you’re not savvy with your coding skills, there’s a change that you might want to give up and move on a station HTML site.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Many a times when you’re installing a plugin you get an error “Installation failed could not create directory”

There are two ways to solve this error:

Give WordPress write access to Plugin folder

When you install a plugin from the WordPress dashboard, Wodpress has to create a new directory in /wp-content/plugin folder.

If it does has a write access to the folder to create a new directory, WordPress won’t be able to create the folder by itself. To grant WordPress the permission, just log on your cPanel or get FTP access to your server and locate the folder /wp-content/plugin. Once you’ve located the folder, change the permission to 775. This will allow WordPress to create its own folder.

Enough server space

Another reason to get the “Installation failed could not create directory” is when you have low server space. You need to check with your hosting provider if you have enough space to install new files on your server.

If you’re running on a low space, this could restrict you in many ways. For instance, you might also not be able to update your WordPress. And WordPress releases many updates with security fixes.

Make sure you have enough space to install new plugins, update WordPress, or add more media content.

Voila! This should solve your plugin issue.

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