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How to speed up your WordPress site?

By March 10, 2019Tips

While WordPress CMS makes it extremely easy to start and maintain a website, the platform also makes websites pretty sluggish.

You must be asking why does website speed matter?

Studies have shown that if it more than 2 seconds for a website page to load it leads to lesser satisfaction. And you wouldn’t want to have dissatisfied visitors.

Besides that, if the page takes longer most people just close the tab and move on to the next best results.

What’s worse is that even Google has started penalising websites with slow speeds. This means that your slow website could be hurting your SEO, which in return could mean that you recevie less numbers of visitors — new or old.

Kissmetrics has a nice infographic on what it means to have slow website.

But how do you know whether your website is slow or fast?

If a website loads quickly for you doesn’t mean that it will load quickly for a visitor sitting on the side of the world.

You can use tools such as Pingdom to check the speed of your website from various geographical locations.

So how to speed up your WordPress website?

To know that you first need to understand what slows down a WordPress site. Fixing what slows down a WordPress site is really the trick to the game.


Hosting can make or break the speed of your website. I cannot stress enough on how important WordPress hosting service is for a good Website performance.

When you are just starting with your website, an unlimited shared hosting sounds likea good idea as it’s easy on pocket. However, it also comes with a lot of disadvantages.

Shared hosting really means that you’re sharing the server resources with hundreds of other customers. This limits the performance of your website as you’re really sharing bandwidth and space with many other customers.

Having said that, just going for shared hosting doesn’t mean that you’ll get a bad performance. Website speed also dependson whether or not your servers are optimized for WordPress.

Going for a managed WordPress Hosting service which comes preconfigured with WordPress optimized configurations can help a lot, if you don’t have the coding knowledge to speed up the page speeds.

At WPKOALA, we can manage and optimized your website for you – Subscribe Now

Cache WordPress pages

If you’re still new to the world of WordPress this might seem daunting. It’s not.

The best thing about using WordPress is that if you don’t find a feature for WordPress out of the box, you will most certainly find a plugin for it.

You might think why do you need caching of pages?

WordPress was written in PHP and MySQL which means that the site dynamically serves you pages. Every time you request for a page the the frontend makes a query request to your database and then the query is processed and the database passes on the relevant content back to the page to be displayed. This entire process, albiet pretty fast, slows down the site.

Instead you could be serving HTML pages which do not require the website to hit a database. Serving HTML pages speeds up the site tremendously.

You can download W3 Total Cache, a free plugin, to cache your WordPress pages. It’s one of our favorite plugin and handles the entire process beautifully.

Optimize Images

Besides caching pages, you can also optimize the images that you use.

Imagine you’re requesting a page with 2MB of image and a page with just 100kb of image file. Which one will load faster? The second one.

Reduce the images that you upload, manually.

Or you could use plugins like WP Smush.it plugin. It will take care of your images from the time you start uploading them.

Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

We use Content Delivery Networks like CloudFare for some of our clients and it has worked out like a charm.

CloudFare provides a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or a distributed proxy server. It essentially optimized your website’s page speed by acting as a proxy between your website visitors and user server.

Read our in detail guide on how to setup CloudFare on your website.

These are just few of the easy tricks that you can implement yourself. If you want to futher speed up your site, you can subscribe to our service where WPKOALA will take care of every needs of your website.

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