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Top 3 Alternatives of Clef When It Shuts Down

By February 27, 2019Reviews

Clef received a lot of popularity when it was launched for WordPress. After you get started with WordPress, you don’t need to set up a password or anything just installing the Clef app is enough.

It uses encryption keys of 2048-bit RSA which is used to manage logins. And every time you log in a new password generates effectively. It is a two-factor authentication used to keep your WordPress accounts safe. But it is going to expire soon and you need to choose any of the mentioned alternatives to keep your account safe even after Clef.


Keyy from Updraftplus has not been released yet but Updraftplus has been developing a plugin specifically as a Clef replacement.

For a paid plugin we will try to get some discount for our readers. Watch this place!


This plug-in provides you with Two- factor authentication feature for your WordPress account. The plug-in is suitable for all kinds of devices whether it is Android, Blackberry or iPhone. It is used to maintain security check on various other applications like Dropbox, Lastpass and Amazon are few of them. The Google authenticator can be used for WordPress administrator as well as a less privileged account at the same time.

Google Authenticator


This plug-in enables you to use a number of other alternatives option for two-factor authentication. Some of the methods through which authentication can be done are:

  • Push notification
  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Text message
  • QR code
  • Soft token
  • Google authenticator

You need to install the application miniOrange which is the developer of this app. To avoid two-factor authentications, you can also use the option of ‘remember my device’.

Google Authenticator - Two factor authenticator

These are the few alternatives which can be used instead of Clef. Apart from them, some other options for authentication are UNLOQ PASSWORDLESS AUTHENTICATION, RUBBLON TWO- FACTOR AUTHENTICATION and WORDFENCE SECURITY. You can use any of the authentications to protect your account as they all are reliable and trust-worthy.

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