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Are WordPress Websites Easily Hackable?

By February 28, 2019Tips

WordPress is one of the most popular websites in the world for hosting and blogging. This is one of the reason why WordPress is on top list when it comes to number of attempts by people who are looking to hack websites hosted by WordPress.

Make no doubts, WordPress does offer security but it’s often not enough to keep out talented and committed hackers.

Just how easy is it to hack WordPress though, and how can you make your own more secure?

Why you might get hacked?

In most cases when it comes to getting hacked on WordPress it isn’t about the specific content which you produce but simply because you are there using the site.

Whilst there may not be a logical reason that you are the target of a hacking, someone obviously believed that they would be able to penetrate your security.

Although many a times it’s allow about accessing your website to send spam emails from your server. Spammer can get their shady work done from your server and using your domain name without being liable to any of the concequences.

Potential insecurities

Many people criticise the security of WordPress for not taking enough precautions to protect their users from potential hackers. Part of the reason as to why WordPress sites may be slightly insecure at times is outdated technology and software in various important areas.

Outdated CMS or plugins can potentially leave the base of the site open to exploitation along with a lack of modernised server site software such as PHP or SQL. This combination on some of the sites can leave them incredibly exposed to potentially harmful hacks into the core code of the website and leave hackers with the ability to control your website.

Having said that most of the vulnerability in WordPress websites is not actually from WordPress software but the plugins or themes that users install on their blog.

One of the most powerful module that WordPress has to offer is infact it’s worst enemy.

WordPress is a very powerful CMS. If something isn’t possible by the CMS in its vanilla state, more often than not it’s possible thanks to various plugins and themes available out there. Now since these are 3rd party modules, it’s important to note that WordPress has no control over the quality of the code written by the authors of these plugins and themes.

This makes WordPress vulnerable to security threats.

To sum up, here’s WordPress hack statistics from 2013.

 source: https://wpsmackdown.com/wordpress-hack-statistics-2013/

How to make your WordPress safer?

There are many things that you can do both whilst using it as well as when it’s being set up to help protect against the risk of hackings and to help make your website much safer.
⦁ Use a strong password when establishing your website to make it more difficult for someone to gain access to it
⦁ Always make sure any themes or plugins that you use are from secure sources
⦁ Always update your plugins and themes to the latest version to avoid security bugs
⦁ Perform regular backups and malware tests to make sure your site is secure

Overall, the core site of WordPress could definitely benefit from having some increased security measures. However how easy it is to be hacked also depends on how well you secure it yourself by using a variety of methods to make it more difficult to hack.

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